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Our goal is to connect entrepreneurs and startup teams with mentorship, skill-building, connections, and resources to give them the greatest chance at success.

We are currently working to re-launch our mentor initiative to connect aspiring entrepreneurs with seasoned professionals. Our business advisors are the first point of contact for local entrepreneurs seeking guidance.

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Most individuals qualify for some basic level of service. We will connect you with the right resources to get going. If you have a question, please contact us.

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What do our participants say about their experience?

“Mentoring is like being an apprentice alongside of a Master Builder.  Randal has partnered us to build a framework for our start-up business and put good foundations in place.  He is our avid supporter, ideas generator and someone whose professional and practice advice we value.  He has been awesome at helping up hold the vision of our “master plan” while making adjustments as challenges have come up in the “building a business” process.  A sense of humour and reality checks have been helpful!”  - Janelle & Pierre, Mentees

"An enjoyable experience to work with enthusiastic local business owners and hopefully help them grow and prosper” - James, Mentor

FAQ's for Mentoring Applicants

Q. What is mentoring?  Mentoring can be described as a relationship where an experienced business person gives support and guidance to others to assist them in developing skills and maximising their potential.  Often mentoring and business advice are used to describe the same activities, but for the CUBE business mentoring programme it is important to distinguish the two.  The CUBE business mentors are volunteers freely giving of their time and support.  They are NOT paid business advisors and do not act or have any responsibilities of paid professional business advisors.

Q. Is there any entry criteria for CUBE Business Mentors Initiative?  Yes, to ensure maximum benefit for those participating in the business mentor initiative, potential mentees should be either a trading business or a start-up that has prepared at minimum a preliminary business plan (e.g. CUBE Business BasicsMBIE Business Idea Action Plan - which can be accessed in the tools section of this website - or some other comprehensive plan template). Participation in a business course would also be beneficial to potential mentees, but not mandatory.  In essence, it is important that potential mentees have undertaken sufficient preparation on their business concept before participating in the CUBE Business Mentors Initiative.

Q. Is there a cost to be involved in the CUBE Business Mentors Initiative? No, the CUBE mentors are volunteers freely giving their time and the CUBE does not charge for administering/facilitating the Initiative.

Q. What is the process involved in connecting with a mentor? The first step is to register online through the CUBE website (see form below).  Your expression of interest will be reviewed and if there is mentor in the mentor pool that may be able to assist, you will be invited to meet with the CUBE Business Development Manager to discuss your circumstances further.  After this meeting we will look for a match and if a suitable mentor is available we will arrange for the mentor and the applicant to meet.  At this point an arrangement will be agreed between the parties so everyone’s expectations are clear.

Q. How long will I have a mentor for? This will be determined by your circumstances and needs, and the availability of the mentors.  The CUBE business mentors are volunteers and the CUBE mentoring initiative has been designed to be flexible and accommodate the availability of mentors. To this end through the application process applicants have the opportunity to indicate what level and duration of interaction they may be seeking with a mentor.  This will help us match up applicants and mentors.