We're here to help you on your entrepreneurial journey!

We support a wide range of individuals pursuing their passion to own and operate a successful business. Whether this is your first time, or you've done it before, we are here to help provide resources, knowledge, and connections wherever possible to help you move your idea forward.

"I don't have a business idea yet."

Discovery Programme

Thinking you might like to run your own business? Our Discovery Programme is for individuals who want to dip their toe in the water and learn about entrepreneurship.

To participate:

- Open to everyone.
- Free and fee-based activities; see calendar for details


Entrepreneur Coffee Jam is a monthly event held in Wanaka and Queenstown to inspire you through the war stories of fellow entrepreneurs. Each event showcase an entrepreneur in a fireside chat who shares their experiences and lessons learned running their business.


Startup Weekend is an amazing opportunity to learn how to identify a problem, assess the market needs, and quickly conceptualise and test a solution.

The next Startup Weekend in our region is 5-7 June, 2020 at Queenstown Memorial Centre.

"I have a business idea or problem to solve and I'm ready to get serious about it."

Foundations Programme

Identified a business idea that you want to pursue? These 4 workshops give you the complete picture and core skills needed to validate if the idea is worth pursuing and how to move forward.

To Participate:

- Appropriate for both first time & experienced entrepreneurs
- Advance registration required
- Seats are limited to each session


The Business Model Design Workshop is the best way to get your idea out of your head and written down. The workshop is a hands-on way to flush out whether you've really thought through the idea and identifies gaps that need resolved before you dive deep and is the best place to start any new idea.


Test your idea and prove there's real-world customer demand with tricks and techniques learned in the Market Validation Workshop. The two-hour workshop gives you tips, tricks, and ideas for testing your concept on a shoestring budget to determine whether or not your business idea has willing, paying customers.


Do the numbers really work for the business model you've created? The Run The Numbers Workshop makes sure you understand critical business finance concepts, remove assumptions from your projections, flush out a budget and make the numbers line up to make a profit.


You've flushed out the model, the numbers are making sense and you've tested enough to get market validation. How do you proceed? Get tried-and-true methods in the Running Lean Workshop to be more agile, focus your product's evolution, and operate more effectively to prioritise the work that matters.


Co.Starters Venture Bootcamp expands on the 4 Foundations programme workshops into an intenstive nine-week programme with mentors and entrepreneur guests. Each cohort includes up to 10 startups and gives you a hands-on globally recognized programme facilitated by local experts and guest speakers and facilitators.

"My startup has launched and I need help taking it forward."

Pursuit Programme

Your business idea is getting traction and you're all-in to pursue this venture. Now your ready for one-on-one advice and support to help make the right moves in your business.

To Participate:

- You have a registered business and are actively investing time and money
- You're working full-time in the business or have a goal to do so in the next 12 months.


Get one-on-one monthly meetings with a qualified business advisor to track goals and progress in your monthly Accountability Clinic. A minimum 6-month commitment ensures your staying on task, getting consistent support and access to resources when needs arise.


Need specialist advice or niche expertise to overcome an obstacle in your startup? Get connected with a seasoned professional in a formal Mentorship engagement.

Engagements vary and are intended to provide you short-term expertise when appropriate and may lead to long-term relationships that you may maintain throughout the course of your endeavors.