Colab Creative goes to North Korea

In February 2016, Colab Creative director Will Lascelles and Wanaka local Sam Smoothy went to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, (better known as North Korea) with an idea of laying down ski tracks in the Hermit Kingdom. 

Fresh off the heals of a trip to Bolivia, they were looking for a destination that was, ahem, intriguing… After a lot of options being discussed, they randomly came across an article about Masikryong Resort, DPRK’s newly built ski hill. At first, thry laughed, wholeheartedly at the concept. The place was off limits… Silly, really. 

But after more thought, they slowly came around to the idea. They would be the first to shoot a ski film there. Skiing would be their icebreaker into a country that never came across their radar. At the very least, they would give it a go and see where the rabbit hole took them. 

After nearly six months of paperwork and correspondence with consulates in Stockholm and Beijing, they arrived in China to get their temporary visas to the little known banana republic. They went through the rules and were assured that, if abided by, they would be in the safest place on earth. In other words, people do NOT break the rules in the DPRK, (or else.) 

Their trip was documented in full, (aside from in-opportune black outs,) with their trusty Sony camera. To watch the full story, visit their site:

This article was originally published by The CUBE and has been republished by Startup Queenstown Lakes to complete our archives.