Marketing Mate Launches…

Kim & Chris Knight who have launched a new online marketing tool (Marketing Mate).  Kim has been resident at the CUBE’s co-working space the Cell and together with Chris have been developing Marketing Mate over the last two years.  Marketing Mate offers an online marketing planning solution that simplifies the traditionally complex process, and plans to join companies like Squarespace, MailChimp and Canva in an era of simplified do-it-yourself online solutions.

“We’re on a mission to simplify marketing planning and make it accessible to anyone,” said Founder, Kim Knight. “We believe marketing plans hold the key to success and growth for any business, organization or individual, but many are deterred from creating them given the cost, complexities and general overwhelming nature.”

Kim Knight is a marketing professional who has worked for more than 15 years with government, not-for-profits, businesses and individuals, providing marketing strategy and planning services. During this time, she uncovered a universal need for a simplified solution to marketing planning, and recognized a gap in the market she could fill.

“The clients I worked with all seemed to have very similar needs, despite how different their offerings were,” she said. “They wanted to cut through the noise, be clearly guided on marketing options, and be empowered to make their own choices confidently.”

Marketing Mate provides online access to a marketing planning Wizard and support information that makes planning significantly easier, more affordable and more relevant for businesses, organizations and individuals. It goes well beyond the traditional template, offering guidance and ideas, and producing professional and customisable plans for users, that they can also track and review.

This article was originally published by The CUBE and has been republished by Startup Queenstown Lakes to complete our archives.