There is an incredible array of individuals who make their home in our region and are passionate about making a positive impact on New Zealand society or environment. Business With Purpose is an initiative, based in Wanaka, to help changemakers design and develop business models that can help them launch a business that makes an impact on the community.

Business With Purpose is made possible through a partnership between Wastebusters and Startup Queenstown Lakes with support from Akina Foundation, New Zealand's leaders in social enterprise.

What is Social Enterprise?

Social enterprises use business models as a tool to help solve social, cultural and environmental issues. They are often profit-making businesses, but they invest the majority of their profit and expenditure in positive outcomes (their impact). The impact of a social enterprise is central to their purpose; it is the reason the business exists. Social enterprises sit between charities and for-profit businesses on the business continuum – a good way to think about them is as having ‘‘the heart of a charity with the mind of a business.”

Watch the Facebook stream of Entrepreneur Coffee Jam: Social Enterprise Edition from 26 September, 2019 at Urban Grind.

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Upcoming Event

Feb-March 2020 - Co.Starters Ventures Bootcamp 2020 Cohort - Wanaka

More events will be announced as community participation and interest demands. 


Social Enterprise Can Transform Our Local Economy

Social enterprise advocate Barry Grehan shares the power of making an impact and going beyond profit as an entrepreneur.

Ideas or questions?

We are here to support enterpreneurs and organisations who want to make an impact on society or the environment through innovative business models.

We welcome your input, ideas, and events you would like to host to support this initiative.

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